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I get a lot of money, but I don’t understand what they pay me for?

Large Internet companies need your opinion on the latest news. Just do it and get the money!

How can I get money for filtering the latest news?

You can get paid for filtering the latest news at any time if you have a minimum amount. To do this, enter your Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or Payza account number and click "Payout". The minimum payout is $ 1,470.

Affiliate program - how does it work?

We constantly need new users to filter the latest news, so we have introduced a loyalty program. Share your affiliate link on Facebook and earn more! Get $ 70 for each invited user. Get 3% of your partners daily income.

I want to earn more, how to do it?

To filter the latest news, we need as many users as possible! Our site has an incentive program - an affiliate program. Everything is simple! Invite your friends to the site via a special link and you will receive $ 70 for each friend. If you don’t want to invite friends, just don’t do it.

How much money can I get for filtering the latest news?

More than 30 new the latest news are added to our site daily. The latest news must be filtered out: like or dislike. This is necessary for the latest news ranking algorithms we develop on the Internet.
You will receive $ 7 for one the latest news. You will receive $ 210 per day.

What do you need to start filtering the latest news and get paid for it?

To start receiving money on our website:
1. You must have an e-mail.
2. You must have a payment system number to receive money.
3. Create a password.

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From today: you will receive $ 7 for 1 filtered the latest news. Your daily income will be more than $ 210.

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